Changes for Verson 2011

Below are changes to be included in the next major version release due for release last quarter 2010

12 January 2011 Added Travel detail allocation  to Quick Student Data Entry

23 December 2010- Added Generic Crystal Launch to enable launch of in house Crystal reports where all Record Selections are built into the report itself. This will enable schools to develop any Crystal Report and launch it from within PCSchool

21 December 2010 Added Room Tag set to Time Table Teacher and Room Reports

Added Document Management Capability to Personal Development Report Launch

Added link in address fields to Google Maps allowing single click access to the address in Google Maps.

Added additional filters to Time Table Entry. Filter display by

  • “All entries for identical subject entry”
  • “All entries for specific teacher”
  • “All entries for same subject”

Add ability to transfer selected Co-Curriculum to Alumni

Added option to select mailing title format for students transferred to Alumni

Extended Ledger Database to hold Prior Year to Date Account Balance for 2 years previous. This enables reporting of Prior YTD when printing a Ledger report for the previous year.

Added Annual Salary as a field to Payroll Employee record

Added Secure Layer Transfer to email and provided support for gmail.smtp as your smtp server

Added Index to Student Surname in the Student Enquiry Module to allow search and listing by student rather than family surname.

Added fields to enable trapping of Ledger Project Codes that are not related to the Ledger Project and Sub Account but rather directlly written to the Ledger Transaction file, enabling a second layer of project tracking.

Added facility in Debtor Account Master file to view all Ledger Transactions associated with the family

Added facility to exclude Co-Curriculum Activity from Assessment reports

Added Residential Post code to Staff View

Added field to staff view for MOE/Payroll Number

New fields added to Work Experience inc: Job placement Medical Alert; Employer Dress Requirements; Start and Finish Times. Extended length of transport field to 40 characters

Added field for Visa Status in Student file  with values of <P>ermanent  <T>emporary

Enhanced the default assessment result mask flexibility by tieing specific result validation masks to Area of Assessment Classifications as well as enabling individual validation masks to be tied to individual Areas of Assessment.

Increased the Area of Assessment Classifications to include:Academic, Personal, Modules/Standards, Criteria, Audit Academic, Audit Personal, Levels, Data, and new area classifications of Testimonial, Current Learning Step, Next Learning Step, Home Involvement, Student Feedback, Care Giver Feedback, and Overall Teacher Judgement.

PCSchool login sequence has been altered. The user will select the desired work area as the initial screen when running PCSchool. Having selected the work area and module required the user will then be required to enter their login credentials. This change will enable control of access to various work areas as well as facilitate the NEW integration of PCSchool with Active Directory. This will enable common user name and password access to PCSchool Back Office and PCSchool Spider. It also enables the user to access these packages using their Windows login credentials and if integrated with Active Directory have them authenticate against your network user tables.

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