Use of Apostrophes in Student, Staff and Family Keys

The use of Apostrophes in the staff, student and family keys has long been supported by PCSchool however with the move to web based technologies, including our own “Spider”, their use can compromise the security of a website and many external services flatly refuse to support them. As the keys are not used for reporting purposes, they are generally not seen by the end user. For this reason, Spider no longer supports apostrophes in student keys and future versions of Back Office will prevent apostrophes from being used when creating new students, families and staff. All schools MUST rename their keys to exclude the apostrophe.

To do this, the following procedure needs to be used. Although this procedure will not impact on Back Office, it is extremely important for Spider, as well as any outside sites you may plan to become interoperable with.

Path: Scholastic Module – Administration – Global Change

Select to work with Student, Family or Staff Keys, select the Key that currently contains the apostrophe, type in the new key without the apostrophe.5-08-2014 12-29-41 PM



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