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Absence Roll Marking for NSW Schools

PCSchool has customized the absence roll marking to be compliant with the 2012 changes in Attendance Marking in NSW schools. For more information on the requirements please visit To implement the changes in PCSchool follow the steps below: Download  Open … Continue reading

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Importing the Database From One Version of SQL to a Newer Version when Moving to a New Server

If you are currently running PCSchool on an SQL2005 server and are transferring PCSchool to a new server which has a newer version of SQL (eg. SQL2008) then a possible error you may receive after the transfer is ‘ERROR: 515 – SQLSTATE: 23000 – Execute … Continue reading

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Crystal Tip: Passing students in main report through to selection in sub report

If you use a tagset in PCSchool Student Management Software to generate a selection in the main report of a Crystal report and you wilsh to pass the selected students through to any sub reports it is possible as below. … Continue reading

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‘Enter Valid Date’ error when logging in

Question: When I log in to PCSchool I get the error message ‘Please enter a vaild date’ before PCSchool will open. Answer: Your Regional & Language settings in your control panel are not correct for this WINDOWS USER. Check this by … Continue reading

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Logging into Prior Year Snapshot Workareas – with AD

As part of the End or Year process you have the option to create a Snapshot workarea prior to rolling. Some schools may encounter an issue when trying to open these Snapshot to view historical data. Active Directory Schools – … Continue reading

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