Spider – Issue in Firefox with Farspread (Result Entry)

This issue only relates to the use of Mozilla / Firefox.

PCSchool has had an issue come to light where teachers using Firefox to enter student results via the ‘Result Entry’ control in Spider and some results are not saving. This is due to an issue in the third party software we use, called Farspread.

This issue seems to be specific to the use of ‘free form’ result fields where the result is TYPED in, NOT to the use of check box, radio buttons or drop down result selection.Result Entry

If you have a free form result field the data typed into this field is only saved to to farspread once you click off that cell and onto another cell / field.Steps to save

We have reported this issue to FarSpread and are awaiting their response, until then schools should either not use Firefox for Result Entry or they should make sure teachers know to click onto a different /empty cell before saving the results.


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