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Spider – Issue in Firefox with Farspread (Result Entry)

This issue only relates to the use of Mozilla / Firefox. PCSchool has had an issue come to light where teachers using Firefox to enter student results via the ‘Result Entry’ control in Spider and some results are not saving. … Continue reading

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Markbook: Error Generating Spread column already belongs to this Data Table

Issue: When generating a Markbook in PCSchool Spider Web App get the following error. ‘Error: Error generating Spread is A Column named ‘#####’ already belongs to this DataTable:   Solution: Two columns in the Markbook are pointing to the same … Continue reading

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Result Entry XML Formats for Students / Caregivers in Spider

PCSchool Spider allows students and caregivers to view the results / comments entered in by staff and, if the school allows, for predictive results or feedback to be entered in by the student / caregiver. With in the Student Result Entry control … Continue reading

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Spider and Result Entry xml’s with more than One Format

In Spider for the different result entry formats to work, we should have the Value tag first as shown below: Having the Default Value tag first then the Value tag with Formats underneath is the most efficient method.

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Spider Result Entry/Markbook Running Slow

Symptoms:  When you open RESULT ENTRY or MARK BOOK in spider, it may sometimes take a long time to load the data and a message comes up telling “Stop running this script? A Script on this page is causing Internet Explorer … Continue reading

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Format XML for Result Entry

Format XML Files are standard XML files, whos markup contains data which PC School can interpret, and use to create a View of selected Data. Generally this is used in creating views for Result Entry by Spreadsheet, but can also be … Continue reading

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