PCSQ (formerly known as PrintTray)


PCSQ is now being widely used within schools as a solution to emailing, printing and document management. It resolves the memory leakage issue faced previously when printing large runs of accounts and it is compatible with the latest operating systems. The thing to be careful with, however, is that after PCSchool has passed the job to PCSQ, IT HAS NOT READ THE DATA at that point. The PCSQ only reads the data as it processes each job. This means that when printing Pay Slips or Accounts, it is important not to continue within PCSchool until the PCSQ has completed printing, emailing or saving. This situation was not possible prior to PCSQ because the option to continue within PCSchool was not available until after printing was completed. The below message indicates the PCSQ has been requested to complete a job. You can press OK and continue to use PCSchool but at this stage the data has not been read.


PCSQ has a pending job. It will not action it until “Start Processing” is pressed. It is only when this button is pressed that it will read the data and add it to the report.2

PCSQ has completed the job. At this stage you can roll over accounts or continue processing pay.3

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