Missing Icons in Back Office Tool Bar

Some users have reported missing some icons on the menus of PCSchool. If this is the case, the most likely cause is that the BitmapPath is not looking in the correct location. To fix this, you will need to edit the pcschool.ws file on the client machine to include the correct path. This is located in the “Programs” folder PCSchool is launched from on the client computer.

If the BitmapPath ends with “Students”, as seen below, copy the path, including the semicolon, and paste it to the end of itself. Remove “\Students” and save. This change will not affect anything other than where PCSchool looks for the icons it uses. Once saved, restart PCSchool. If icons are still missing, have your IT Administrator download the following file and extract it into the “Bitmaps” folder of the PCSchool server (http://www.pcschool.net/download/Bitmaps.zip).a



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