PCSQ (formerly known as PrintTray)


PCSQ is now being widely used within schools as a solution to emailing, printing and document management. It resolves the memory leakage issue faced previously when printing large runs of accounts and it is compatible with the latest operating systems. The thing to be careful with, however, is that after PCSchool has passed the job to PCSQ, IT HAS NOT READ THE DATA at that point. The PCSQ only reads the data as it processes each job. This means that when printing Pay Slips or Accounts, it is important not to continue within PCSchool until the PCSQ has completed printing, emailing or saving. This situation was not possible prior to PCSQ because the option to continue within PCSchool was not available until after printing was completed. The below message indicates the PCSQ has been requested to complete a job. You can press OK and continue to use PCSchool but at this stage the data has not been read.


PCSQ has a pending job. It will not action it until “Start Processing” is pressed. It is only when this button is pressed that it will read the data and add it to the report.2

PCSQ has completed the job. At this stage you can roll over accounts or continue processing pay.3

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Missing Icons in Back Office Tool Bar

Some users have reported missing some icons on the menus of PCSchool. If this is the case, the most likely cause is that the BitmapPath is not looking in the correct location. To fix this, you will need to edit the pcschool.ws file on the client machine to include the correct path. This is located in the “Programs” folder PCSchool is launched from on the client computer.

If the BitmapPath ends with “Students”, as seen below, copy the path, including the semicolon, and paste it to the end of itself. Remove “\Students” and save. This change will not affect anything other than where PCSchool looks for the icons it uses. Once saved, restart PCSchool. If icons are still missing, have your IT Administrator download the following file and extract it into the “Bitmaps” folder of the PCSchool server (http://www.pcschool.net/download/Bitmaps.zip).a



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Use of Apostrophes in Student, Staff and Family Keys

The use of Apostrophes in the staff, student and family keys has long been supported by PCSchool however with the move to web based technologies, including our own “Spider”, their use can compromise the security of a website and many external services flatly refuse to support them. As the keys are not used for reporting purposes, they are generally not seen by the end user. For this reason, Spider no longer supports apostrophes in student keys and future versions of Back Office will prevent apostrophes from being used when creating new students, families and staff. All schools MUST rename their keys to exclude the apostrophe.

To do this, the following procedure needs to be used. Although this procedure will not impact on Back Office, it is extremely important for Spider, as well as any outside sites you may plan to become interoperable with.

Path: Scholastic Module – Administration – Global Change

Select to work with Student, Family or Staff Keys, select the Key that currently contains the apostrophe, type in the new key without the apostrophe.5-08-2014 12-29-41 PM



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Spider – Issue in Firefox with Farspread (Result Entry)

This issue only relates to the use of Mozilla / Firefox.

PCSchool has had an issue come to light where teachers using Firefox to enter student results via the ‘Result Entry’ control in Spider and some results are not saving. This is due to an issue in the third party software we use, called Farspread.

This issue seems to be specific to the use of ‘free form’ result fields where the result is TYPED in, NOT to the use of check box, radio buttons or drop down result selection.Result Entry

If you have a free form result field the data typed into this field is only saved to to farspread once you click off that cell and onto another cell / field.Steps to save

We have reported this issue to FarSpread and are awaiting their response, until then schools should either not use Firefox for Result Entry or they should make sure teachers know to click onto a different /empty cell before saving the results.


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Spider – Issue in FireFox with Report View

ISSUE:  When using PCSchool Spider in Mozilla FireFox web browser and selecting to ‘View’ a report, invalid symbols may appear as shown below:Invalid symbols in reports in FireFox

SOLUTION: Reset the default built in PDF viewer in FireFox. Information on how to do this is available on the following link:


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Counting SQL Users

PCSchool Version 2014.0 or above.

PCSchool has now added the ability for SQL schools to view which users are running a Back Office executable (eg. Curric.exe, Debtors.exe). This is often useful if you are doing an Update or End of Year Rollover and want to make sure all users are logged out of the Back Office.

Under Utilities menu select Audit Log. The Show Users button will bring up a popup that will contain information advising of date/time user logged in, their login name and what program they are running as well as their SQL Driver version.Show Users


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EMail failing to handshake with Exchange Server

When using the PCSchool Email control if you have correctly entered the SMTP server address and the user is still unable to handshake with that server then this may be caused by the Exchange Servers internal settings.  To ensure that Exchange Server 2010 is correctly configured then have your IT log into the Mail Server.

Click on Mail Flow on the left hand side.

Click on Receive Connections.

Edit the Connector called Internal Relay

Add the users IP address into the box that lists all the IPs that are entitled to relay emails through this server.

Adding IP address to Exchange 2010

Adding IP address to Exchange 2010

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Spider – Family Database Report Issue

An issue with the report selection of Spider for “Family Database Reports” has been discovered which has the potential to allow parents to see information about other families.

PCSchool advises that ALL “Family Database Reports” be removed from being published for Caregiver and Student within Spider views.Family Database Check Report

Your school may not have selected any of these reports to show within the Parent Portal however if you have, please remove the “Web Publish For” ticks from Publish in Student Based Reports, Students and Care Givers. This does not affect the Online Family Profile Update. Please see below for further detail and call our support line if you require any assistance with this. We will advise as soon as this has been rectified.

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