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WSUS Incompatibility – Spider initially fails to start

When logging onto the PCSchool Spider an error presents as: If WSUS is installed on the machine it will change one of the dll’s to the 64 bit. Changing the “32 bit application” to false will start Spider working but … Continue reading

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Email Error – ‘ No Message ‘

When sending an email through PCSchool a popup appears stating ‘Error -No Message’. This usually occurs when there is formatting in the email such as bold, italics, underlines (or hyper links) or non standard fonts are used. The cause of … Continue reading

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Listing Security Setup in PCSchool

Download Security Tech Tip There are a number of reports available to list the information contained in the PCSchool Security Databases. For SQL Backend Download Reports here For Non SQL BackEnd Download Reports Here In order to use these reports … Continue reading

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ARTHIABORT error in Spider Teacher Timetable

Issue: Sometimes when you try to run the timetable for a staff member, it comes up with the following message:  Solution: Go into your PCSchool database properties in SQL server. It may have compatibity settings set to 2000. We use some TSQL … Continue reading

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Report Printing and Fonts in Spider

Issue #1: The font which is used in the report and what is shown on screen as a PDF or Viewer will be different. Solution: There have been changes that the server might not have that font. If its there, might not … Continue reading

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Server Running Slow

Issue – A school running PCSchool on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit) found that the server (and PCSchool) was running VERY slowly. Solution – They increased the memory on the server (allowing for an additional 4GB) and  changed … Continue reading

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Missing Customer Barcodes in Point of Sale

To select a Customer in the Sales View the customer needs to have a barcode (or an error will be given). If a customer does not have a barcode you can force the system to add the barcode: Instead of … Continue reading

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