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Missing Icons in Back Office Tool Bar

Some users have reported missing some icons on the menus of PCSchool. If this is the case, the most likely cause is that the BitmapPath is not looking in the correct location. To fix this, you will need to edit … Continue reading

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Spider – Issue in FireFox with Report View

ISSUE:  When using PCSchool Spider in Mozilla FireFox web browser and selecting to ‘View’ a report, invalid symbols may appear as shown below: SOLUTION: Reset the default built in PDF viewer in FireFox. Information on how to do this is available … Continue reading

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Counting SQL Users

PCSchool Version 2014.0 or above. PCSchool has now added the ability for SQL schools to view which users are running a Back Office executable (eg. Curric.exe, Debtors.exe). This is often useful if you are doing an Update or End of … Continue reading

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Markbook: Error Generating Spread column already belongs to this Data Table

Issue: When generating a Markbook in PCSchool Spider Web App get the following error. ‘Error: Error generating Spread is A Column named ‘#####’ already belongs to this DataTable:   Solution: Two columns in the Markbook are pointing to the same … Continue reading

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Result Entry XML Formats for Students / Caregivers in Spider

PCSchool Spider allows students and caregivers to view the results / comments entered in by staff and, if the school allows, for predictive results or feedback to be entered in by the student / caregiver. With in the Student Result Entry control … Continue reading

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WSUS Incompatibility – Spider initially fails to start

When logging onto the PCSchool Spider an error presents as: If WSUS is installed on the machine it will change one of the dll’s to the 64 bit. Changing the “32 bit application” to false will start Spider working but … Continue reading

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Email Error – ‘ No Message ‘

When sending an email through PCSchool a popup appears stating ‘Error -No Message’. This usually occurs when there is formatting in the email such as bold, italics, underlines (or hyper links) or non standard fonts are used. The cause of … Continue reading

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Listing Security Setup in PCSchool

Download Security Tech Tip There are a number of reports available to list the information contained in the PCSchool Security Databases. For SQL Backend Download Reports here For Non SQL BackEnd Download Reports Here In order to use these reports … Continue reading

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