Spider – Family Database Report Issue

An issue with the report selection of Spider for “Family Database Reports” has been discovered which has the potential to allow parents to see information about other families.

PCSchool advises that ALL “Family Database Reports” be removed from being published for Caregiver and Student within Spider views.Family Database Check Report

Your school may not have selected any of these reports to show within the Parent Portal however if you have, please remove the “Web Publish For” ticks from Publish in Student Based Reports, Students and Care Givers. This does not affect the Online Family Profile Update. Please see below for further detail and call our support line if you require any assistance with this. We will advise as soon as this has been rectified.

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Markbook: Error Generating Spread column already belongs to this Data Table

Issue: When generating a Markbook in PCSchool Spider Web App get the following error.

‘Error: Error generating Spread is A Column named ‘#####’ already belongs to this DataTable:Markbook Error


Solution: Two columns in the Markbook are pointing to the same data (possibly due to data corruption or user error).Markbook Columns

View the markbook in ‘Manage Markbooks’ and synch the line to the correct field or delete the line and recreate the Markbook via Curriculum Control Files.Manage Markbook

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Result Entry XML Formats for Students / Caregivers in Spider

PCSchool Spider allows students and caregivers to view the results / comments entered in by staff and, if the school allows, for predictive results or feedback to be entered in by the student / caregiver.

With in the Student Result Entry control three filters are available for viewing student information:

Student Result Entry


These filters include:

  • ClassStudentPage – to show just the single selected subjects results.
  • StudentAllSubjectsPage – to show all the subjects of the student regardless of if the subject has a teacher.
  • StudentAllSubjectsWithTeachersPage – to show all the subjects of the student only if the subject has a teacher.
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Spider – Student Attendance Codes are Sensitive to Caregiver

Available in Spider Version 2013.03.15.xxx and above.

PCSchool Spider is now sensitive to which absence records to be shown to care givers. Only those absences that are considered an ‘absence’ will be displayed to caregivers.Attendancecodes_xml

This feature has been implemented so that parents only see ‘true’ absences, as a student may be on a ‘school based activity’ – absent from the school campus, but still attending school for the day) and caregivers may find these codes misleading.

This change is controlled by a key in the Spider Configuration File which says “CAREGIVER_ABSENCESTATUS_FILTER”. If this is true, then only the above logic of filtering is applied.


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