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PCSQ (formerly known as PrintTray)

*** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** PCSQ is now being widely used within schools as a solution to emailing, printing and document management. It resolves the memory leakage issue faced previously when printing large runs of accounts and it is compatible with … Continue reading

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Missing Icons in Back Office Tool Bar

Some users have reported missing some icons on the menus of PCSchool. If this is the case, the most likely cause is that the BitmapPath is not looking in the correct location. To fix this, you will need to edit … Continue reading

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Use of Apostrophes in Student, Staff and Family Keys

The use of Apostrophes in the staff, student and family keys has long been supported by PCSchool however with the move to web based technologies, including our own “Spider”, their use can compromise the security of a website and many … Continue reading

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Spider – Issue in Firefox with Farspread (Result Entry)

This issue only relates to the use of Mozilla / Firefox. PCSchool has had an issue come to light where teachers using Firefox to enter student results via the ‘Result Entry’ control in Spider and some results are not saving. … Continue reading

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Spider – Issue in FireFox with Report View

ISSUE:  When using PCSchool Spider in Mozilla FireFox web browser and selecting to ‘View’ a report, invalid symbols may appear as shown below: SOLUTION: Reset the default built in PDF viewer in FireFox. Information on how to do this is available … Continue reading

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Counting SQL Users

PCSchool Version 2014.0 or above. PCSchool has now added the ability for SQL schools to view which users are running a Back Office executable (eg. Curric.exe, Debtors.exe). This is often useful if you are doing an Update or End of … Continue reading

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EMail failing to handshake with Exchange Server

When using the PCSchool Email control if you have correctly entered the SMTP server address and the user is still unable to handshake with that server then this may be caused by the Exchange Servers internal settings.  To ensure that … Continue reading

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