Email Error – ‘The memory could not be “read” ‘

Issue  – A school is sending out a bulk email to 600 + email recipients. The email has a single page attachment. After selecting ‘Send Email’ in PCSchool they get the following error: ‘The instruction at “0x7c93729b’ referenced memory at “0x7a193bcf”. The memory could not be “read” ‘ ,  sometimes this error may also end with ‘The memory could not be “written”.

Solution  – We are not 100% sure on what is causing this error. However we make the following suggestions.

600 emails in one address string is very large and I don’t think any available email program would support this many. PCSchool will split this and send it in smaller groups (based on your Email Settings) but the overall number may still be a contributing factor.

I suggest that you restrict the set to around 100 by bringing in progressive segments of your recipients in the Tag set.

I believe the real problem may be associate with the attachment size for so many emails. My suggestion here would be to save the attachment to a web address on the school web site and simply insert the hyperlink into the mail. This would significantly improve the speed of delivery.

Try these suggestions and contact the PCSchool Help Desk if the problem persists.


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