Changing Default Time-out in Spider

Issue: Some users find that the Spider views time-out too quickly (eg. after 10 minutes of no activity they are required to re-enter their username and password.

Solution: You can extend the length of the time-out.

First open your Internet Services Manager (IIS) from Control Panel – Administrative Tools. Open the tree structure on the left side, so that you can see the spider version. Right click on it and go to Properties (or Manage Application – Advanced Settings) and you will get a screen like below. The yellow shaded area represents the Application Pool – make a note of this.

Once we find the application pool, go into the “Application Pools” section on the left side tree. Find the Application Pool you made a note of in the screen above and select its Advanced Settings and you should be able to see the Idle Time-out in minutes (default time-out). Change it from lower value to a higher value, eg. below we have entered 400 minutes from 20 minutes.

Once this is done, you then need to go into the spider folder on the server, and make the following change in web.config file (open this file in notepad). Here also change it from a lower value to higher value, eg 400 minutes.

NB: The changes mentioned above will be slightly different depending on your version of IIS (Internet Services Manager).


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