Absence Reason in Roll Marking

When using Absence Roll Marking in PCSchool and you change the Absence Status (eg from ‘L-Late for Class’ to ‘N-School Based Activity’) you may be required to enter in a reason/comment for the change:

To turn this feature off, so that you are not prompted to enter in a comment or reason when changing an absence status from anything other than a ? – Unexplained, you need to make a change to the absentroll.xml.

IMPORTANT:  It is a requirement by the New Zealand Ministry of Education that if you are using PCSchool as your Acredited Electronic Attendance Register that you MUST enter in a reason when changing the absence status. You MUST NOT make the changes outlined below.

The absentroll.xml is found in the PCSchool\Documents folder on the server. Open the absentroll.xml with NotePad and make the following change to the xml:

Once you have saved this change you will need to refresh PCSchool (close then reopen the program).

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.

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