Web Application Monitor

The Web Application Monitor is a service that monitors the status Visual DataFlex WebApplication service. If the WebApplication service status becomes unavailable, the Web Application Monitor can process a number of events as defined in the XML settings file.

The Web Application Monitor is available to download as a compressed MSI file. Once the zip file has been downloaded and extracted, simply extract the zip file and execute the MSI to install the service (you will need to do this on the IIS server or the server that is currently running the Visual DataFlex WebApplication service).

After successfully installing the MSI, the service will be created and accessible in the standard windows services MMC. Before starting the service ensure that the following items have been modified accordingly:

  1. Browse to the installation folder that was specified during the setup and open the file WebApp.xml in a text editor (i.e. notepad)
  2. Search for the EmailServer key <EmailServer> and modify the mail server name to the current mail server that is used
  3. Search for the EmailAddressTo key <EmailAddressTo> and modify the value to the email address that any email notifications from the service should be sent to
  4. Alter any of the remaining settings as required. The setting definitions are:
    • Email – if value is True this determines if the service should send email notifications for any events that are encountered (i.e. the WebApp service has failed or been restarted). Any other value will indicate that no email messages should be sent.
    • Restart – if value is True then the service will attempt to restart the failed WebApp service. Any other value indicates that the service should not attempt the restart
    • EventLog – if value is True than notifications from the service will be output to the Application event log. Any other value indicates that no events should be entered in to the event log.
    • PollPeriod – the value (in minutes) that determines when the service will check to see if the WebApp service has failed.
    • ServiceKey – the registry key used to determine if the service has failed.
    • EmailAddressFrom – the value that will be output as the From address on any emails that are delivered by the service
  5. Save and exit the XML file
  6. Go to the services MMC and view the properties for the “Web Application Monitor Service”
  7. Select the “Logon” tab and select the “Local System Account” option
  8. Check the “Allow service to interact with desktop” option
  9. Select the “General” option and change the startup type option to “Automatic”
  10. Click the “Apply” and “Ok” buttons
  11. From the services MMC, select and start the “Web Application Monitor Service”

The service will now poll the WebApplication service status and (depending on the settings as specified in the XML file) it will either report or report and restart whenever the WebApp service fails.

To test the Web Application Monitor, start the Visual DataFlex Web Application Administrator application and stop the PCSchool WebApp service. The Web Application Monitor service should then detect that the service has failed (on the next period it polls the service), and report/restart the service as specified.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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