Terminal Server

Terminal Server is a Microsoft technology used to allow users to log into a server, rather than through a traditional client. Visit the Microsoft website for information on Terminal Services.

PC School does work with Terminal Server, and below are some notes regarding it’s setup.

Installation for non-Admins

To install PC School on a terminal server for a non-Admin user:

  1. Change the user “change user /install”
  2. Run PCRemote as administrator.
  3. Ensure the users have access to \visual dataflex in registry.
  4. Ensure they have access to Visual Dataflex 11.0\bin Usually in C:\Program Files
  5. Ensure they have access to PCSchool\Data
  6. Then I ran change “change user /execute”

Alternately you may have to go to the Control Panel and select to ‘Install Application on Remote Desktop’14-03-2013 2-40-54 PM

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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