PCSchool XML Files

PC School uses a range of XML files for a number for modules. Some are used to contain information regarding the layout of the reports, while others are used to contain special codes specific for schools. Many of these can be edited by users, and this page contains some advice on how to do this, and where to find a copy of the original in case you broke your copy.

Format XML Files

See main article Format XML Files

Format XML files are files which are used in the Result Entry by Spreadsheet, and define the look, feel and validation of your Result Entry views. PC School provide several generic Format XMLs, but generally each school will have their own tailored to their indivdual needs.


The AttendanceCodes.xml file contains a list of Statuses which are used for the marking of Absences both via the Absence View and via Absence Roll Marking.

The AttendanceCodes.xml file contains a series of XML elements that may be modified. Each node will look something like this:

  <reason>Absence Explained and justified</reason>

When editing the file:

  • The <reason> node contains just a description of the status, and may be changed in any of the nodes.
  • The <schoolcode> node contains the alphanumeric code you want to define the status.
  • You must leave the nodes with <schoolcode> ?, /, P, T, L and U alone. The only item you could change in these ones is the value within the <reason> tag. They may not be deleted.
  • All other entries may be edited or deleted as you see fit.
  • To set a status code as being considered present (ie. recording a days value of 0) then you need to make the <truancycode> and <calchalfdays> values both P
  • The order of the nodes in this XML file reflects the order in which the appear in the lists of PC School. Sometimes it’s easier to just move unused statuses to the bottom of the list. This is also a good idea for NZ schools who don’t want to alter the options.
  • Australian Schools may edit the file as they see fit, however New Zealand schools should be aware that this list of status and codes are defined by the MoE and should be left alone. We take no responsiblity for NZ schools that make changes to this file.

For a default copy of this file:

Other XMLs

These XML files are currently undocumented (coming soon!) but can be downloaded from:

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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