Filelist not where it’s expected to be

Filelist not where it’s expected to be is a common error in PC School, especially after installing a new workstation or performing a server migration. This error suggests that the filelist.cfg mentioned in the filelistpath value can’t be located. This error is normally caused by either the path being incorrect, or the logged in user not having enough permissions to view the location.

Incorrect Path

A typical filelistpath setting in the .ws file will look like this:


This value may also contain a UNC path instead of a mapped drive.

The most common problem is that the drive is not mapped. Presuming the settings are as above, when you open My Computer you should be able to see the P drive. If it doesn’t appear, then either the file is pointing to the wrong drive, or the drive hasn’t been mapped for that user. If you have other PC’s that run PC School fine, it’s a good idea to compare the contents of the file between the two. In fact in most situations you can copy the file from one computer to the other.

A mis-typed filelist path is also common. Try pasting the contents of the path minus the Filelist.cfg part into Windows Explorer and see if it finds the folder correctly.

Insufficient Permissions

This is the least likely scenario. Make sure that the logged in user on the workstation has read/write permissions on the PCSchool folder (and it’s sub folders) on the server.


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