Email Technical Notes

Email in PC School technically consists of two main DLLs, ChadoSpellEditor.ocx for writing the body of the emails, and emsmtp.dll for sending the emails.


The ChadoSpellEditor is used in the Email process, mainly as the tool for composing the body of the email, both in the Email View and the Emerge views. Typical problems associated with this are an incorrect version. Anything before version has problems with PC’s using anything newer than version 6 of Internet Explorer.


The EasyMailSMTP object (emsmtp.dll) is the item that actually connects to the mail server and sends the email. It is accessed by the Email View and the Emerge views. In both of these, the body is generally read from a temporary file called message.html, found in the Documents directory. The latest version of the emsmtp.dll should be


The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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