Crystal Report dll’s

PCSchool opens a set of dlls distributed by Data Access Worldwide every time that it attempts to print a report the main one being crpe32.dll. These dlls come in a number of versions and it is important to have the correct version of the dlls for your system to prevent issues. Generally you will need version 8 dlls if your system runs with VDF and you will need version 10 dlls if your system uses SQL. To reinstall the dlls on any given PCSchool client you need to run the appropriate version of PCRemote on that client. For version 8 dlls run PCRemote2005NonSQL.exe on the workstation and for version 10 dlls run PCRemote2005.exe on the workstation. These executable files can be found in the root directory of your PCSchool server.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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