Corrupt SSUsers Record

When a corrupt record occurs in the SSUsers file, usually User 0 with a blank name value, PC School will not start when Autolog is turned off. No error is reported, the cursor turns to an hourglass momentarily but PC School does not start.

To correct the problem, the SSUsers file needs to be manually edited using Database Explorer.

Note that making changes in Database Explorer can have serious consequences. Make sure you have a valid backup, and are confident in using this tool before proceeding.

  1. Open Database Explorer (usually dbexplore.exe on c:\Program Files\PCSchool\Programs)
  2. Click File, then Configure.
  3. On the Flags tab, under Table you will see a checkbox Open/set tables readonly. Untick this box and click OK
  4. Open the file menu again, select Open As and type in the value “ssusers”
  5. Find the corrupt line (User=0 Name=blank) and click on it. When the line is selected click the delete button in the Toolbar (looks like an X)
  6. Once this record is removed, open your with notepad, set the autolog value to Autolog=Off and test logging into PC School

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The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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