WSO Curric

WSO_Curric contains a number of web services related to fetching and submitting Curriculum and Absence related data. Is one of the five main services available in the PC School Webapp



Obselete function. Will be removed in Webapp version 2009. Please use GetStudents.


Returns a list of students in a class. Type defines what data is returned. Values are ‘RESULT’ and ‘ABSENT’

Parameter Description
sSessionkey A valid sessionkey.
sClass The class associated with the list of students you want to recieve. In the case of a form class this can be left blank.
sYear The Year Level assocaited with the list of students. Year levels should be passed in as a 2-character string, so Year 8 would be ” 8″.
iSub The subject level for the list of students. Pass -99 for a Form class.
sType The type of list to be returned. Currently only RESULT and ABSENT are valid. If left blank RESULT is the default value.
sArgs A delimited string containing the arguments for the GetStudents function. A full description of these arguments can be found below.
sTeacher The Teacher assocaited with the class to be passed blank. If left blank then the current logged in teacher is assumed. Note that the logged in user must have sufficent rights to access all teachers when trying to look at classes other than their own.
nPeriod The period number to be used. If left blank the the Current Subject Period set in PC School will be used.


The sArgs parameter is used to pass a range of arguments into the function. These differ depending on the type of list being retrieved.

For type ABSENT:

  • Period=
    • contains the Timetable Period code for the day to be retrieved.
  • Date=
    • contains the Date to be retrieved. If left blank the current date is default.
  • DefaultStatus=
    • contains the status to be returned for records that are yet to be marked.
  • IncludePeriods=TRUE|FALSE
    • when set to TRUE will return a list of all the period statuses for the day.

For type RESULTS:

  • AreaCode=
  • Standards=

For all types:

  • Departed=TRUE|FALSE
    • when set to TRUE students that have left the school will appear. Note that students that have been physically deleted from the database will not appear.


Returns the Results for the class as a CSV file. Will only show the results outlined in the Format XML


Allows the submission of an XML object into the PC School Database. Returns a log file listing any errors found


Returns a List of available Subjects


Returns an XML list of available Formatting XML’s


Returns an Formatting XML file


Outputs a list of Markbooks available for the Class/Teacher


Returns an XML containing the contents of the selected Markbook


Returns a list of Subject Classifications


Returns a list of Subject Periods


Returns a single value from the database


The Get AbsenceReview function has two types of return. One which returns the Absence Review data, the other which returns the Code colours.

Absence Review

The GetAbsenceReview function returns an XML which contains a list of students and their period by period markings for a defined period of time.

Parameter Description
sSessionkey A valid sessionkey.
sArgs A delimited string containing the arguments for the GetAbsenceReview function. A full description of these arguments can be found below.

Absence Review Arguments

Arguments in Absence Review are seperated by a ; and generally define the date, and teacher/class selections to be used.

  • DateFrom=
    • if blank defaults to Date To minus 7 days
  • DateTo=
    • if blank defaults to today
  • Teacher=
    • If blank defaults to logged in teacher
  • Subject=
    • If Subject = -99 then the formclass will be output
    • If Subject = -100 form class plus all subject classes will be out put
    • else it will output the specified subject
    • defaults to -100
  • Class=
    • Only valid if a specific subject is specified
  • Year=
    • Only valid if a specific subject is specified
  • IncludePresent=TRUE|FALSE
    • If true then will include all students
    • if false will return only those students with some for of absence in the date range
  • Example sArgs string:
Teacher=SMITH M;Subject=-99;IncludePresent=TRUE

So basically, if all you pass is the Sessionkey, then you will get a list of all the students in either a Subject or Form Class for the logged in user, for the last 7 days.

Code Colours

You can also extract Code Colours from this function by passing “type=colour;code=A|B|C|D” where “A|B|C|D” is a list of codes you want returned seperated by the pipe | character. <nr> Note: Codes must be uppercase and unknown codes will be returned as Red.

The format of the Colour code return will be similar to:

<AbsentReviewColour xmlns="">

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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