Web App Versions

Webapp Updates will be made available here, as well as a list of relevant changes between versions.

Installation Instructions

Once you have selected the version you wish to upgrade to (Stable or Beta), visit the Locate and update the Webapp.exe file page.

Spider 2.0.1

Current Stable Version

The 2.0.6 version of Webapp has now been declared stable, and has no outstanding issues as reported by PC School Users. This webapp is currently the best version for schools running any version of PC School, and is compatible with all versions of PC School up to 2007.3, including the recent Markbook changes.

Beta Version

The Beta version has undergone internal PC School testing to ensure that processes work correctly, however have normally not had much significant testing in a live site. While PC School can test the webapp in a controlled environment, testing in a high-load workspace typical of most of our customers is very hard to achieve. While every effort is made to keep these releases bug free, there may be some unexpected issues. Regular backups are highly recommended when using Beta webapps.

  • Webapp Beta Download – currently there is no beta!

Spider 2009

Spider 2009 is the new version of PC School Spider, currently in development, and being tested on select sites. The current version of this webapp is considered to be in beta until the product is officially released, but in reality it uses the same core as the stable 2.0 webapp, and we don’t expect there to be any significant problems.


  • Beta 2009.0.2.7 27-March-2009
    • Introduced Password Reset functionality for future implementation in Spider.
    • Added Audit_Result and Audit_Comment to the list of fields output in GetStudents Results mode.
  • Beta 11-Feb-2009
    • Bug fix for Spider 2.0.1 where Logged in Teachers would not appear by default in Result Entry and Roll Marking.
  • Beta 10-Feb-2009
    • Bug fix for Rolls marked using a Class Year level different from the Student Current Year (ie Year SS for combined 12/13 classes).
    • Numerous changes to services regarding security and timetable data that is output.
  • Beta 16-Sept-2008
    • Audit Comment changed to AuditC. A bug has been found which prevents Audit Comment from displaying properly in the current version of Spider. Changing to AuditC works around this problem, however submissions to this field will not work.
  • Beta 26-Aug-2008
    • Anicllary Comment (Break) and Audit Comment (Sub) now available for Results Output and Submission.
  • Beta 2-June-2008
    • Fixed bug where students in Year 99 could appear in the My Classes menu.
  • Beta 26-May-2007
    • Fixed bug where Areas of Assessment containing a period “.” couldn’t be exported to from a Markbook.
  • Beta 14-May-2008
    • Fixed bug where Absence Rolls were being recorded, but weren’t show as being marked.
  • Beta **Bug fixes for Markbook saves
      • Bug where Areas of Assessment classified as something other than Academic (A) occasionally don’t save.
      • Bug where incorrect Area Of Assessment would occasionally be saved.
  • Beta
    • New Markook functionality introduced.
      • Will save both old (version 1) and new (version 2) Markbooks.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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