Web App.exe Not Found

When the Webapp.exe isn’t installed correctly, or is incorrectly referenced in the PCSchool.ws file.


When browsing on of the Web Services:

Error during Web Application Server session initialization, please try again later. An error occurred during child process initialization. C:\Program Files\PCSchool\Programs\webapp.exe Please check the Windows event log for further information about the problem.

Causes the “Could not connect to database” error when logging into Spider.


Open the PCSchool.ws file and check the ProgramPath value. This should point to the folder where the Webapp.exe is being run from.

To confirm what Webapp.exe is being run, open the Web Application Administrator, find the PC School application on the left, right-click and select Properties. The Filename field will point to the webapp.exe being run. This path should be reflected in the ProgramPath value in the PCSchool.ws file.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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