WSO Login

WSO_Login contains a list of commands used for creating and validating sessions, as well as accessing PC School security. It also contains functions to gnereate XML used as the basis of the MyClasses menu in Spider. It is one of the five main services available in the PC School Webapp


Logs in a User and returns a Sessionkey


Logs out the passed Session


Checks to see if the passed session is valid



Returns Session Variables: StudentHash, Studkey, TeacherHash, TeacherCode, IdentityCode, MemberHash, UserGroups (v2009+) Returns values as a XML document containing the results. Multiple variables can be requested by delimiting the sVariable value such as “TeacherHash;UserGroups”.


Checks to see if the passed session has permissions to access the Panel ID


Changes the Users password


Returns a list of menu items available for the user


Returns the personalised menu.


Returns a section of the user menu. Can be either CLASS for a class list or STUDENT for a list of students in a class.


Returns the email address associated with the login passed


Expires the password value for the passed Login. While expiring, an email will be sent advising the user to set their password using the link provided. This link contains the sessionkey which must be passed in the ResetPassword function.


Returns the value of the Password Expired field for the requested login.


Will set the password for the passed session the value sNewPassword. This function will only work when the session is valid, and the identity assocaited with the session has the Password Expired value set.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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