SMS-LMS Messaging

SMS-LMS Messaging is a system of Data Transfer used for shifting student data between an SMS (Student Management System such as PC School) and an LMS (Learning Management System such as UltraNet). The PC School SMS-LMS software installs a Service type software package that can be scheduled to run at certain times, automatically exporting the data from PC School in a format suitable for LMS software.

If you’re interested in using this tool, a good place to start is to download and read the User Guide. It will give you an overview of the program and what’s involved in getting it running.

Downloads / Documentation


  • 30-Sept-09 Year Levels that are non-numeric (such as SS) are not allowed.

Trouble Shooting

The PCSchool SMS-LMS software is returning an error saying “LMS has yet to reply. Batch process cannot continue.”

The main issue here is that the PCSchool SMS-LMS software has previously created messages to be sent to the LMS, however the LMS still appears to be processing them and has yet to reply with a success (or failure) message. Since there is no point creating any messages to send to the LMS when it is still processing a previous batch, the SMS- LMS software stops: it will start again at the next scheduled time and hopefully by then the LMS software will have returned a message saying that it has completed processing that batch. If this happens over a period of several days then it may pay to contact the LMS to see if there has been processing errors on their side which caused a lack of response. All of this failing, it is possible to force the SMS-LMS software to create a batch by resolving the issue using the Resolve SMS-LMS Errors view.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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