Permissions for ‘Spider’ Reporting

Reporting in Spider requires several sets of permissions, mainly associated with the ability of the webapp to:

  • Read the database.
  • Read the report files (.rpts)
  • Create the outputted PDFs

Generally, the user created to handle Spider/Webapp should be granted rights to facilitate these three things.


The PC School database sits in the PCSchool\Data folder on the PC School server. Note this doesn’t have to be the same physical machine as the Web Server. Regardless of if the school uses SQL or Dataflex, the Spider user will need full control over this directory. If the school is using SQL, then this user should also have the required permissions to access the SQL Server.

Report Files

It is important that the Webapp is able to read the .rpt files. Without these no files will appear in your Spider Report Launches. They will still appear in My Classes though, but won’t work. These rpt files are found in the PCSchool\Reports (PCSchool\Reports\SQL for SQL schools) folder on your PC School Server. Make sure your Spider use has permissions to access these locations.

Output PDF’s

When creating reports, Webapp will take the parameters passed into it by Spider, apply them to the appropriate .rpt file, and then generate the output as a PDF file. This PDF file will be created in the PCSchool\Documents\Webdocuments folder on your PC School Server. Make sure your Spider use has permissions to access these locations, and also make sure they have sufficient rights to create and modify files.


You may have noticed that all of these locations are found within the PCSchool folder on the PC School Server. My recommendation is that rather than worry about specifying permissions to specific folders, grant the Spider user sufficient rights to the entire PCSchool folder. This simplifies the setup, and lessens the chance that something has been forgotten.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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