No Left Menu

Sometime when Users log into Spider, the don’t see the Left-hand main menu. This is usually related to a permissions problem, or simply that the BuildMenu.xml file is missing or invalid.

Basic Troubleshooting

To resolve the issue check the following:

  1. Open the file. Check the location that the Home path points to.
    1. Generally, this Home path will point to the same location as the FileList and Datapath values. The most common difference here is when the Home path point to a UNC path, while Data points to a physical drive, or vice versa. Normally These will resolve to the same physical location. If this is the case then the problem can usually be solved by setting the Homepath to be the same as the FileList path with out the \Data\Filelist.cfg on the end. For Example, if the FileList path points to D:\Application\PCSchool\Data\Filelist.cfg, set the Home path to D:\Applications\PCSchool. This problem is normally cause by the Shared UNC Path having different permissions to the Physical Drive path. The alternative solution is to ensure that the shared path has the same permissions as the physical drive, however for the sake of clarity it is worth having the file pointing at the same location.
  2. Once you’ve established where the Home path is, navigate to it, and inside the Documents folder should be a BuildMenu.xml file.
    1. If no BuildMenu.xml file exists, then check the Documents folder where the Webapp.exe is installed. The installation program should always create one there. Failing that contact the Support Desk and we can provide you with a new one via email.
  3. If a BuildMenu.xml exists in the Home path, then there’s a chance it may be invalid.
    1. To check that the file is valid, right clock on the file in Windows Explorer, and select Open With… then Internet Explorer. If the BuildMenu.xml file is invalid, Internet Explorer will report and error.
    2. If no error is reported then contact the Support Desk for further assistance.
    3. If the file is invalid, you can either try and correct the file yourself if you are comfortable with working with XML files. Otherwise contact the Support Desk and we can provide you with a new copy.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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