Locate and Update the Web App.exe File

The Webapp.exe file is the program which connects to, fetches and updates records in your PC School database. This program should generally be updated when PC School is updated. For more details on the versions of Webapp available, check the Webapp Versions page.


Updating the Webapp is usually a matter of just downloading the latest one, and extracting the webapp.exe over the top of your existing copy. Finding this file cam sometimes be the hardest part.

The webapp.exe usually exists in only one location, and that is on your Web Server. Frequently this is the same server as the one your PC School database is installed on.

The easy way to find the file is to run a program called the Web Application Administrator. This is normally found in the Windows Start menu under the Visual Dataflex 11.0 folder.

Once running, this program should show the running applications on the left hand side. Depending on your set up you will normally see two there, but the one we’re intersted in is called PCSchool. Right click on this item, then in the popup menu select Properties. The value in the Filename field in the General tab tells you where your copy of webapp.exe is running from.


With the webapp.exe located, updating in usually just a matter of copying the new webapp.exe over the top of the old one. Refer to any enclosed readme.txt files for further update information.


It’s usually a good idea to make a copy of your old webapp.exe before updating with the new one. In a busy production environment, if you do have problems with the new webapp, simply restoring the old one will at least get your school working again with minimum disruption.

Common Problems

The most common problem with updating the Webapp usually comes in the form of errors related to fields missing in the database. Usually this indicates that the version of Webapp you’re trying to use is actually too new for the version of PC School you’re running. In this case I’d either suggest:

  1. Reverting to the older version of Webapp.
  2. Updating PC School to the latest version.

Diagnosing this error can be a littly trick. The first sign you’ll see is when trying to log into Spider you receive a Login Unsuccessful or Could Not Connect To Database error. Try navigating to http://localhost/PCSchool/WSO_Login.wso (note localhost may not be your server name). Usually you would see a page containing a number of links including Login, Logout and Validate Session. If you see something other than this then contact the PC School Help Desk.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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