Email Error Codes

Error 4  550 5.7.1

Message rejected.  This was caused because the message length was too short using Exchange 2003 and Symantics.

Error 7

Email Error 7 occurs when sending an Email via SMTP. It reports the message The from address was not formatted correctly or was rejected by the SMTP mail server. Some SMTP mail servers will only accept mail from particular addresses or domains. It’s generally related to Email security, and the sames steps outlined in regards to Email Error 8 should be performed, though may not solve the problem.


The STARTLS command is a way of using a Secure Communication between the client and the server. TLS standards for Transport Layer Security [1]. Currently the SMTP object does not support this extension. Your client may want to contact the server administrator and see if there are any alternatives to using TLS on there server.

Error 8

Email Error 8 is related to Mail Server Authentication and Relaying, and permissions for certain computers to send emails via a given server. When this occurs the user is typically shown a message similar to:

Error #8 "An error was reported in  response to a recipient address. The SMTP server may refuse to handle  mail for unknown recipients."

The problem can be solved in a number of ways:

  1. ESMTP Authentication setup in the file in conjunction with Mail Server Authentication is probably the best way. See Email Setup in PC School for more information regarding Email setup.
  2. The Mail Server can also be set up to allow emails from specified IP addresses. This is normally considered a security threat so is not generally recommended.
  3. Dll’s used for emailing from PCSchool may be the incorrect version or have become unregistered. These dll’s can be found in the PCSChool\Programs folder on the local machine getting the ‘Error 8’. They include emsmtp.dll and emssl.dll, these dll’s should be version 6.5, to register them manually go to the ‘Run command’ and type in Regsvr32 and drag each dll to the run bar.

External Links

  • Articles related to MS Exchange Relay setup [1] [2]

Error 9

Error 9 There was an error connecting to the SMTP mail server usually refers to an incorrect setting in the EmailServer line in the file. Chaging this file to reflect the correct server value (usually an IP Address or a servername such as


This error can also be triggered by the security of the Mail Server setup. In one unusual situation, it was found that sending a plain email with no attachments worked fine, however as soon as an email with an attachment was sent this error 9 was triggered. Changing the EmailServer to fixed this problem.

Error 10

Email Error 10 is There was an error opening a file. If you have specified file attachments, ensure that they exist and that you have access to them.

This error is associated with file permissions, and can either be related to the attached file to the email, or access to the temporary message.html file that is used when sending emails.

The best way to determine the exact problem, is to use the Email Settings to create a log file. Inside this log file will be a line which which will outline exactly what file is the cause of the problem.


eTrust virus software can prevent the creation of a file from within a dll. This can cause problems related to the message.html file. A workaround for this is to create the file manually using notepad or a similar tool. Once the file actually exists it should work fine.

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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