Transfer PCSchool to a New Server

PC School Server Transfer is the process of moving the PC School Database from one physical server to another. The process differs slightly for SQL and Non-SQL back-ends. This article covers the steps required to transfer from one machine to another. For clarification or assistance please contact the Help Desk

  • This tech-tip explains how to transfer a PC School Database from one server to  another.
  • This tutorial is for non-SQL databases only.
  • This article presumes that the new server and old server can see each other via the network.
  • Before proceeding, please ensure that you have a full backup of the “PCSchool” folder.
  • Further steps will need to be taken if you also need to transfer PC School Spider.
  • This tutorial presumes that you will be setting up the new server to retain the existing structure on the old server.
  • Please read the entire document before starting.


  1. To ensure that all files are copied across correctly, make sure no one is running PC School before proceeding.
  2. Install PC School on the new server. This is done by running a PCRemote onto the new server, pointing to the old server as the location of the PCSchool and Visual Dataflex directories. Take note of where you are installing PC School onto the new server. You may need to change this value if you want to duplicate the file structure of your old one.
  3. Copy the entire “PCSchool” folder from the old server and overwrite the “PCSchool” folder created in step 1.
  4. Re-map the new server so that it uses the same drive letter and file structure as the old

Workstation Setup

If the new server has been mapped identically to the old one, then no further setup on the workstations should be needed.

If you want to change the file structure on the new server, you may need to change the file on each workstation to reflect this change. This file can be found in C:\Program Files\PCSchool\Programs on each workstation. You will need to update the FileListPath and DataPath values to reflect the new mappings.

Edit WS file to point to New Server


The most likely error you will see once the transfer is complete is Filelist is not where it is expected to be. This indicates that the is pointing to the wrong path. Check that the workstation can see the new server correctly in windows explorer, and also check that the folder structure matches the .ws file. Either alter the .ws file or the folder structure as needed.


  • There are several methods of transferring the SQL Database from one server to another. Most common these are backup / restore or detach / reattach.
  • READ THIS if you are importing the database from one version of SQL to a newer version of SQL (eg. SQL2005 to SQL2008)
Backup / Restore
  1. From the SQL Management Studio, go to database properties, options tab, and change the “Restrict Access” to SINGLE USER. This prevents other users connecting to the database while it is being moved.
  2. Backup the database to a file (eg. PCSchool.bak).
  3. Transfer the file to the new SQL server and restore to a new database named PCSchool.
  4. Ensure the new database is set to MULTI USER

Detach / Reattach

  1. From the SQL Management Studio, detach the PCSchool database.
  2. Copy both the PCSchool.mdf and PCSchool_log.LDF files to the new server.
  3. Attach the database and ensure the paths point to the correct .mdf and .LDF files

Notes before connecting to the new server

  1. Repeat above steps for additional workareas.
  2. You will need to create a new PCSchool user in the new database. Ensure the SQL Server is set to both Windows and SQL Authentication.
  3. Create a user in the SQL Security Tag User Name = pcschool, Password as per previous database (or create a new password) Set the User Roles for this user to be Sysadmin (Tick all User role boxes)
  4. Test from the SQL Management Studio you can connect with the PCSchool username / password you use. (Create a new Create Object Explorer with this login, ensure it can see data in the database).

Pointing PCSchool to the new Server

  1. With dbAdminMode = ON registry settings, open DBExplor from Visual Dataflex 11\bin\
  2. Open the PCSchool workspace.
  3. Double click the WorkArea table (Table 5th from the top of the list)
  4. In the very bottom left corner of the DBExplorer window, click the logo of a pen (with a red crossed circle through it) to change out of read-only mode.
  5. Edit the Server name in the Server column and save the record.

If you changed the PCSchool user password in SQL you will need to manually enter the “pcschool” user name and new password as part of the PCSchool login procedure. To reset this password, thus enabling automatic login, go into Scholastic (you will again be required to enter the user name and password particulars). Go to Utilities, WorkArea Maintenance, and enter the new password in the designated field, and save.  You should now be able to launch PCSchool with the need to provide SQL login details.

For a Tech Tip on SQL Backup procedures visit

The above information is for users of PCSchool Student Management School Software.


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